Mini Lab Booth


A powerful centrifugal exhaust fan lifts a mixture of water and paint laden air through a series of entraiment ducts to the water eliminating section where controlled changes in air direction cause the water and paint particales to separate from the exhaust air. The cleansed air is exhausted to atmosphere through the exhaust fan and duct work, and the water is returned to the overflow through where it cascades down the floodsheet to the water tank. Air openings both above below the face of the floodsheet ensure uniform movement of air through the booth for effective exhausting of overspray and contaminants.

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  • Water Curtain achieved without a pump.
  • Improve air washing efficiency.
  • Control air flow and velocity inside the booth resulting in improved paint finish and transfer efficiency.
  • Highest degree of operator comfort.
  • Meets statutory requirements under Factories Act, controlling air pollution and health hazards.