The JTG was formed in 1990 to represent only systems for Thermax Surface Coating division. The First year saw business in excess of 1 crore.

Started representing Thermax Devilbiss Ltd. For equipment from 1992. We build equipment business from meager 3 laks up to Rs. 40 laks plus in net 5 years in the region largely know as chemical zone.

We developed new application areas, booth modifications to suit clients. This was done with detailed interactions with the Thermax Design team.

In due course of work JIVANTI TECHNO GROUP started representingtotal Gujarat region for Thermax Surface coatings Ltd., the joint system, and Equipment Company.

1999 there were strong feelers that Thermax is likely to close down many of peripheral divisions away from their core business.

Hence we started looking for developing our on products in filed we were associated form 1999.

Having the field exposure of 8 years in marketing, we saw the need for

A Good quality & design, small in terms of size and power and very price affective spray booths for small in terms of size and power and very price affective spray booths for small components and small-scale industry.

Many applicators spray 4-8 ltr per day with PU/different shade/small but continuous application. The available PFT in market was 9/22/45 or suction cup of 1ltr or 2 ltr pressure cup.


Mini pressure feed tank "Teni" (in Gujarati, Local Language of the Gujarat, the western state of India; it means person of small height); with capacity of 4.5 Ltrs.

The pressure Fed Tank is with different features than the generally available pressure fed Tank's in the market in India.

Mini Spray booths from 600 x 600mm to 1450x 800mm WITH WATER WALL WITHOUT PUMP were developed in period 1999-2000.

Pressure Feed Tank of 12 Ltr. To help field contractors to get more practical ½ drum color 1 or 2 Ltr. Thinner from a standard 20 Ltr. Paint container available in the market.

To cater to manufacturing identity, a group company ANUJAY SYSTEMS was formed in May1999 to manufacture above products. The Pressure Feed Tank clamps & design systems is certified competent authority for passing the designed pressure test.

We are now Authorized Distributor of Gema Switzerland GmbH for Gujarat & South Rajasthan since 2010.

Our Vision

To provide quality product, solution and service to the clients and booth coating application.