The JTG was formed in 1990 to represent only systems for Thermax Surface Coating division. The First year saw business in excess of 1 crore.

Started representing Thermax Devilbiss Ltd. For equipment from 1992. We build equipment business form meager 3 laks up to Rs. 40 laks plus in net 5 years in the region lrgely know as chemical zone.

We developed new application areas, booth modifications to suit clients. This was done with deteailed interactions with the Thermax Design team.

In due corse of work JIVANTI TECHNO GROUP started representing almost total Gujarat region for Thermax Surface coatings Ltd., the joint system and Equipment Company.

1999 there were strong feelers that Thermax is likely to close down many of peripheral divisions away from their core business.

Hence we started looking for developing our on products in filed we were associated form 1987.

Having the field exposure of 8 years in marketing, we saw the need for

A Good quality & design, small in therms of size and power and very price affective spray booths for small in terms of size and power and very price affective spray booths for small components and small-scale industry.

Many applicators spray 4-8 ltr per day with PU/different shade/small but continuous application. The available PFT in market was 9/22/45 or suction cup of 1ltr or 2 ltr pressure cup.

We are Authorised Distributor of GEMA for Gujarat & South Rajasthan.



Optiflex 2 enjoys the typical Gema advantages of high transfer efficiency, light weight and FULL digital display of all working parameter as glance. The others areā€¦

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Spray Gun

The HVLP spray guns works on the principals of High Volume and Low Pressure air [10 psi at the air cap tip]. Due to low pressure atomization, there is very ...

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Pressure Feed Tanks

Lightweight equipment for ease of handling. Slopping bottom to maximize the use of paint. Paint suction pipe of SS duly polished for ease of cleaning ...

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A powerful centrifugal exhaust fan lifts a mixture of water and paint laden air through a series of entraiment ducts to the water eliminating section where ...

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Wheel Powder Coating with OptiFlex 2

Jivanti - No Pump
Water Wash Booth

Metallic Powder Coating with OptiFlex 2

Gema Automatic Booth Western Refrigerator