Powder Gun Manual 2F


The Gema advantages as experienced by users who switched over to Gema


  • Simple full digital display of all operating parameters.
  • Better product paint finish due to Smooth powder flow due to the patented DVC valve.
  • Better gun maneuvering. Lower gun weight and light hose, hence lower operator fatigue.
  • Better finish even with recoating.
  • Better corner covering due to micro amp control feature.
  • Better productivity up to 30% as confirmed by the end users.
  • Precession in parameter setting, as it digitally set, for various jobs due to feature of 20 programs + 3 Standard programs.
  • Powder saving to the tune of @ 15% to 30% as reported by clients depending on their product and shade.
  • Practically Zero maintenance client have enjoyed, once they given stabilized power supply and clear moisture and oil free air.
  • Dependability of product.
  • Ease of powder hose cleaning.
  • Dependable back up from us.
  • The gun design is more compact reducing operator fatigue further.
  • Now you can select either change the Program OR Powder output form the Gun.
  • The gun electrodes are designed such was that you can spray any powder with ease.
  • We now have PCC – Precession Current Control. This allows the micro amp setting below 10 in step of 0.5 µ amps. This precession while coating very intricate parts or metallic powders.
  • New 135 º pump design allows smoother powder flow and requires lesser air.
  • You can monitor the consumable life cycle and set according to your needs.
  • You have OPTIONAL attachment for Power Clean mode to clean the pump+ hose + gun with just press of ONE button and without having to remove the pump.

Gema Manual Powder Coating Unit Model OptiFlex®2F


Technical Data - Specification

    Electrical Data
  • Rated input Voltage/ Connected Load : 100-240 V AC/ 150 VA
  • Frequency : 50 – 60 Hz
  • Type of Protection : IP 54
  • Temperature Range : 0 deg C to + 40 deg CB

  • Pneumatical Data
  • Max. Input Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Min. Input Pressure (Dynamical) : 6 Bar
  • Max. water vapor content of compressed air : 1.3 gms/Nm3
  • Max. oil vapor content of compressed air : 0.1 mg/Nm3
  • Max. compressed air consumption : 8 Nm3/h